Preventive Medicine

Pet preventative care is a proactive approach to maintaining your furry friend's health and well-being, emphasizing regular check-ups, vaccinations, and early detection of potential health issues. Our pets require routine preventive measures to ensure they lead long, healthy lives. Preventative care involves a combination of veterinary visits, vaccinations, parasite control, nutrition, dental care, and lifestyle adjustments tailored to your pet. In this guide, Sagamore Hills Animal Hospital in Sagamore Hills, OH, explores the importance of preventive care for pets and the various components contributing to a healthy and happy life. 


Preventative Care

Pet preventative care involves a visual evaluation by our veterinarian, such as motion and flexibility observation, dental exam, medical history, vaccinations, parasite prevention treatment, and prescription updates. These points of contact and examination confirm your pet's health status and what needs to change to keep the animal healthy.

People often assume check-ups are routine care and only needed if something is visibly wrong. This mistake causes pet owners to miss serious issues early, which triggers a more extensive response later, as well as more cost.

Never Too Late

While the earlier medical history of a pet may not be available, it’s not too late to start with preventative care. This is common with adopted animals that may not have any paperwork and only have what the adoption agency knows. Instead, our veterinarian can compare the pet now with expected metrics for the breed and where the animal should be on average. Then a baseline can be set in the animal’s medical record to improve going forward. If you’re worried your pet might be too old to get started, don’t be. It’s better to have preventative care now versus not at all.

Preventative Care for Pets in Sagamore Hills

Our veterinarian team at Sagamore Hills Animal Hospital in Sagamore Hills, OH, is ready to get started with your pet. Call us today to get started with a preventive approach for your furry friend. As an animal hospital, we cover all the big areas of pet care and can handle serious issues and surgery if needed. With all this help under one roof, we have you covered. Call us at 330-468-2900 to get started and schedule a first preventive exam!

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