Importance of Pet Microchipping

Microchipping your pet can be highlgy beneficial in locating your pet quickly if they end up lost of stolen.  At Sagamore Hills Animal Hospital in Sagamore Hills, OH, we provide microchipping services for your cat or dog. Here are some reasons why getting your pet microchipped is beneficial: 

pet microchip

Microchipping Is Safe

Microchipping is a safe and easy process. A tiny chip, about the size of a rice grain, is injected between your pet's shoulder blades. This chip contains information specific to your pet, including his or her name, age, breed, and the owner’s contact information.

In the event that your pet gets lost or stolen, having a microchip makes it much easier for our veterinarians or an animal care facility to reunite you and your pet. The chip can be scanned, allowing them to quickly locate the owner and get in touch with them. When the microchip is being inserted, it won't cause your pet any pain. The process feel like receiving a quick shot and and doesn’t cause discomfort afterward.

Microchipping Helps Reunite You with Your Pet

When your pet gets microchipped, it increases their chances of being returned back to you faster. Without this piece, your pet could be adopted by somebody else if it ends up in a shelter. Once it is inserted, the microchip can last the entire life of the pet and does not wear out or turn off.

Microchipping Is Permanent

Unlike a collar or ID tag, which can be removed or lost, a microchip is permanent. This means that if your pet were to ever escape from your yard and not have a collar on, the microchip would still be there with all the necessary information to locate where they are. The microchip can't be removed by just anyone and can be scanned months or even years later.

Call Us for Information on Microchipping

If you're considering microchipping your pet, contact Sagamore Hills Animal Hospital in Sagamore Hills, OH. We can answer any questions you may have about the process and set you up with an appointment. This is a beneficial way to protect your pet and give yourself peace of mind that if he or she ever gets lost, you will be reunited.


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