Digital Radiology

We offer Digital Radiology Services (x-rays) for Cats and Dogs. For more information on our Radiology Services call 330-468-2900. The x-ray machine and accessories cost as much as as a full-sized new car.  The machine is registered with the Ohio Department of Health which inspects it every three years.  The machine is serviced as needed and cleaned/calibrated annually by a private contractor.  Only SHAH, Inc, personnel over the age of 18 years, may participate in radiology.  When restraining a patient for an x-ray exposure, the personnel in the room must be wearing leaded aprons and leaded gloves.  When feasible, patients are anesthetized to reduce the x-ray exposure to the patient and personnel. Certain procedures require anesthesia to obtain the necessary views without struggling with or causing pain to the patient.  All human exposure is monitored for excess by dosimeters that are worn during the x-ray procedures.  We routinely perform Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA) hip and elbow x-rays to check for hip or elbow dysplasia.  SHAH, Inc. veterinarians are trained to read radiographs but when there is a question of interpretation, the films are referred to VetRad, a group of board-certified veterinary radiologists.

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  • "Took very good care of my female cat when she needed surgery and now im trusting them with my puppy"
    James D - Sagamore Hills, OH