We offer Dentistry Cleaning and Polishing services for Cats and Dogs. For more information on our Dentistry Cleaning and Polishing services call 330-468-2900.  In the photograph is one of our many Greyhound patients and our registered veterinary technician, Kim Justice.  Ms. Justice is performing a dental cleaning on Roo, who is twelve years of age, while he is anesthetized.  She is using the ultrasonic scaler and will follow with the rotary polisher.  Roo is comfortably asleep while his heart rate, ECG, oxygen saturation, and body temperature are being monitored.  Ms. Justice is wearing safety glasses, a mask, and gloves for her health and safety.  Roo will rapidly recover from the anesthesia once the inhalant anesthetic gas is turned off and will be standing in less than an hour or so.

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  • "Took very good care of my female cat when she needed surgery and now im trusting them with my puppy"
    James D - Sagamore Hills, OH