Surgery at SHAH

Dr. Peggy Rowan and Dennis Peters, R.V.T. perform an exploratory abdominal procedure on a cat that ate string and has an intestinal linear foreign body.  Kim Justice, R.V.T. (not in picture) monitors anesthesia by physical signs such as pulse, perfusion of the mucous membranes, respirations, and heartbeat while the patient is being monitored electronically for Heart Rate, Pulse Rate, Oxygen Saturation in the blood, Respiratory Rate, Temperature, and Carbon Dioxide concentrations exhaled.  We routinely perform spays, neuters, bladder surgery, and exploratory procedures at the Sagamore Hills Animal Hospital, Inc.

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  • "Took very good care of my female cat when she needed surgery and now im trusting them with my puppy"
    James D - Sagamore Hills, OH